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I’m Allison Reich Gordon, an artist and graphic designer living in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. I produce art and designs using traditional and modern mediums. My fifteen + years experience with digital graphic designs and illustrations have a proven success record of reaching audiences. I also offer complete website design and support at very reasonable prices.
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Hardscrabble Way

Book Cover Illustration…Recently, I was given an amazing design opportunity. Tina J. Gordon asked me to design the cover of her latest book, “Hardscrabble Way”. This project was such a joy and the final product turned out wonderfully! I couldn’t be more honored!

Plus, it just won a GOLD medal for BEST COVER!!!! @authorsdb http://authorsdb.com/bookshelf-general/19673-hardscrabble-way

Order your copy of “Hardscrabble Way” by Tina J. Gordon on Amazon.com

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